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Rosina Valicenti – “Tanos” 5

Rosina Valicenti, born in Amendolara, Italy, on 1948. Tanos project 5.

“I didn’t chose to come here: why did you bring me here, I used to ask my mother. My dad, Francesco, bricklayer, missed Italy, not my mother who wanted to stay in Argentina”. “At home we used to talk about  war and work, I remember listening to songs of war: that was what I used to hear about Italy.”
“When I was 20 years old I traveled to Italy with my mother. During this trip I realized a conflict of values: the Italians were attached to money and they seemed to me more discriminatory”.
Fabrizio, his older brother went from Argentina to Spain for 4-5 years working as a bricklayer like her dad …but making the way backwards.
Argentinean or “Tana” ? Rosina is looking for an answer as she feels a “vacuum of identity”.

“Yo no había elegido de venir acá: para que me trajiste acá preguntaba siempre a mi mamá. Mi papá, Francesco, albañil, extrañaba Italia, mamá no, quería quedarse en Argentina”. “En casa se hablaba de guerra y de trabajo. Se cantaban canciones de la guerra: esto me quedaba de Italia”.
“Cuando tenia 20 años viajé a Italia con mi mamá. Durante esta viaje me di cuenta de un conflicto de valores: los italianos eran apegados a la plata y mas discriminatorios”.
Fabrizio, su hermano mayor se fue de Argentina a España durante 4-5 años trabajando como albañil como el papá…pero haciendo el camino al revés.
Argentina o tana ? Rosina, me cuenta, busca la respuesta: siente un “vacío de identidad”.

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Posted by Luca on May 5, 2017

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