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Mexicans come from Aztecs, Peruvians from Incas, Argentinians…from the boats

“The Mexicans come from the Aztecs, the Peruvians from the Incas, and the Argentinians…from the boats.” said once the Mexican poet Octavio Paz talking about the essence of the origin of the Argentinian nation.
Aside from 16th century Spanish colonisation, Argentina’s most significant influx of settlers arrived from Europe – mainly from Spain and Italy – coinciding with the definitive constitution of the state in 1880.
Argentine rulers intended the country to welcome productive immigration, although selectively; and Article 25 of the 1853 Constitution says: ‘The Federal Government will encourage European immigration, and it will not restrict, limit or burden with any taxes the entrance into Argentine territory for foreigners who come with the goal of working the land, improving the industries and teaching the sciences and the arts”.
Barrio of Mataderos. Buenos Aires. Argentina, April 2016. © Luca Bonacini. Copyright: the pictures on this site are the property of the author and cannot be used without permission.

Posted by Luca on March 20, 2017

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