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Victims of violence in Brazil

An holocaust, a massacre, a bloody war. Exaggeration ? Maybe not. Actually, how to qualify the 550,000 murders by firearms, recorded in Brazil, between 1979 and 2003, according to UNESCO ? It is as if half of the population of Brasilia or the whole population Luxembourg had been exterminated.

But “officially” and for the media, such an extermination is not a war. Or rather, as says Maria Marta – who lost her 15 years old daughter Shirley – “it’s a silent war”, affecting particularly young people between 15 and 24 years old.

Like Shirley, also Monica, Tiago, Marcelo, Everson, Roseane and Wagner were killed for trivial reasons. For 25 euros, for a denied kiss, for a banal quarrel.
Those are trivial stories but above all sad stories. It’s the Hannah Arendt “banality of evil” in the country of Carnival, happiness, music and dance. But for too many families it’s a samba that turned requiem … 39,000 people are killed every year, 107 a day, 1 every fifteen minutes. Much worse than in many war regions.