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Darko: words and people from Sarajevo

Words and people from Sarajevo: Darko“Words and people from Sarajevo”, work in progress. A tribute to Darko, “the best waiter in town”. During endless, loud and smoky nights, Darko must struggle to make his way through a flood of customers squeezed in a packed Celtic Pub. Even on the crowded nights of ex-Yu rock concerts, Darko, perfectly dressed with traditional kilt, miraculously finds you a place to stay…sometimes behind the bar counter. Always with a smile and  life has not always been easy. The beer and the four-leaf clover represent his wishes to all and – I guess – a tribute to a (not so) regular customer. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 2014 © Luca Bonacini. Copyright: the pictures on this site are the property of the author and cannot be used without permission.

Posted by Luca on April 25, 2014

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