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Carlos Salmone – “Tanos” 4

Carlos Salmone, luthier, born in Buenos Aires, on 1942. Tanos Project 4.


“The role of Italy in Argentina is fundamental, I would say that Italians could be considered, amongst others, as the founders of the homeland. Most of the immigration comes from Italy!

I remember that my dad had a brother (my uncle) who always spoke Italian to him. My dad said, in a reproaching tone: “Bro, we are in Argentina, you always speak in Italian …”. And my uncle – may he rest in peace – replied: “Aren’t we Italians, aren’t we tanos?”

“The guitar is what connects me to Italy, all my ancestors – my uncles, my grandfather – were guitarists. It’s in my ADN. I regret not having my grandfather’s guitar anymore…”


“Es muy importante el papel de la Italia en Argentina, yo te diría que “quasi” el italiano es el formador de la patria. Fíjate que la mayor parte de la inmigración era casi toda italiana.

Me acuerdo que mi papá tenía un hermano (mi tío) que siempre le hablaba en italiano. Mi papá le dijo: “pero chê, estamos en Argentina y vos siempre hablando en italiano…”. Y mi tío – que en paz descanse – le respondió: “pero no somos italianos, no somos tanos?”

“La guitarra es lo que me conecta a Italia, todos mis antepasados – mis tíos, mi abuelo – eran guitarristas. Está en mi DNA. Lamento no tener más la guitarra de mi abuelo…”


Buenos Aires. Argentina, 2016-2017. © Luca Bonacini. Copyright: the pictures on this site are the property of the author and cannot be used without permission.

Posted by Luca on April 25, 2017
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  1. 04/26/2017

    che bellezza!

    • 04/30/2017

      Grazie !


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