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Agostino Rispoli – “Tanos” 6

Agostino Rispoli, born in Praiano (Salerno), Italy, on 1940. Tanos project 6.

“Siamo emigrati perché in Italia non c’era un porvenire“, dice Agostino, arrivato a Buenos Aires nel 1954, 13 anni dopo il papà. “L’Italia la rispetto ma per me l’Argentina è il meglio paese del mondo. Non soltanto mi ha dato tanto, ma soprattutto in Argentina nessuno è straniero, in Argentina no hay nessun problema etnico, religioso, culturale, di nessun tipo. In Asia e in Europa arrastrano un odio ancestrale, di generazione in generazione, invece qui ci sono le comunità di tutti i paesi del mondo: i figli si sono integrati al paese senza nascondere quello che sono”.

“Emigramos porque en Italia no había porvenir”, dice Agustín que llegó a Buenos Aires en 1954, 13 años después de su papá. “Respeto Italia pero para mí la Argentina es el mejor país del mundo. No sólo me ha dado tanto, pero, hay que decir que en Argentina nadie es extranjero, no hay ningún problema étnico, religioso, cultural, de ningún tipo. En Asia y Europa arrastran un odio ancestral de generación en generación, aquí hay comunidades de todos los países del mundo: nuestros hijos se han integrado al país sin ocultar lo que son, de donde vienen”.

“We emigrated because at that time there was no future in Italy”, said Agostino, arrived in Buenos Aires on 1954, 13 years after his father. “I respect Italy but for me Argentina is the best country in the world. Not only because Argentina gave me a lot, but especially because nobody is a stranger here, there is no ethnic, religious, cultural and any kind of problem. In Asia and Europe, an ancestral hate comes from generation to generation. Here we have communities of all the countries of the world: the children have been integrated into the country without being ashamed of where they came from”.

Buenos Aires. Argentina, 2016-2017. © Luca Bonacini. Copyright: the pictures on this site are the property of the author and cannot be used without permission.

15 May 2017

Rosina Valicenti – “Tanos” 5

Rosina Valicenti, born in Amendolara, Italy, on 1948. Tanos project 5.

“I didn’t chose to come here: why did you bring me here, I used to ask my mother. My dad, Francesco, bricklayer, missed Italy, not my mother who wanted to stay in Argentina”. “At home we used to talk about  war and work, I remember listening to songs of war: that was what I used to hear about Italy.”
“When I was 20 years old I traveled to Italy with my mother. During this trip I realized a conflict of values: the Italians were attached to money and they seemed to me more discriminatory”.
Fabrizio, his older brother went from Argentina to Spain for 4-5 years working as a bricklayer like her dad …but making the way backwards.
Argentinean or “Tana” ? Rosina is looking for an answer as she feels a “vacuum of identity”.

“Yo no había elegido de venir acá: para que me trajiste acá preguntaba siempre a mi mamá. Mi papá, Francesco, albañil, extrañaba Italia, mamá no, quería quedarse en Argentina”. “En casa se hablaba de guerra y de trabajo. Se cantaban canciones de la guerra: esto me quedaba de Italia”.
“Cuando tenia 20 años viajé a Italia con mi mamá. Durante esta viaje me di cuenta de un conflicto de valores: los italianos eran apegados a la plata y mas discriminatorios”.
Fabrizio, su hermano mayor se fue de Argentina a España durante 4-5 años trabajando como albañil como el papá…pero haciendo el camino al revés.
Argentina o tana ? Rosina, me cuenta, busca la respuesta: siente un “vacío de identidad”.

Buenos Aires. Argentina, 2016-2017. © Luca Bonacini. Copyright: the pictures on this site are the property of the author and cannot be used without permission.

5 May 2017